Anna Lena Wülbern
Your problem
Each transport-related loss is different and presents a variety of minor or complex and large challenges. The processing of transport-related losses within your own company requires continued application of specialised transportation knowledge, which is costly both in terms of time and money. Your personnel capacity to deal with claims at peak times may be quickly exhausted as there is only so much time available to be invested efficiently.
Our solution
Our experienced processing of transport-related losses frees up your management and staff resources. Our services are -solution oriented and transparent whether involving claims within the deductible of industry and logistics companies or just lightening of the workload of underwriters ‘claims departments underwriting agents or insurance brokers.

In the framework of the instructions given to us by our clients, we review the underlying facts of claim request the necessary documents, instruct experts, check the cover under the insurance policy, calculate the total loss and collate the loss data for statistical analysis. Our proactive claims management will satisfy your company’s needs.