no cure – no pay
Marco Remiorz
Your problem
Recourse actions take time and tie up manpower.

We are familiar with the day-to day problems involving recourse actions: missing documents, unexpected overlaps, client’s business relationships, pressing time limits, limitations of liability, “forum shopping” etc.
Our solution
As your service provider we are experienced in claims involving carriage by road, air and sea and associated areas such as warehousing and logistics, and we can rely on the requisite legal and practical experience to pursue your recourse actions successfully. It is our priority to achieve an out-of-court settlement on best possible terms in as little time as possible. If English law and jurisdiction are involved we are able to offer the in-house assistance of a qualified solicitor.

Our work is remunerated on a success basis. No recourse funds – no fee. Possible costs for external partners, the event of litigation, are agreed with you in advance.